Car Sales

Are you looking for new or second-hand cars? At Cándido we have been consolidated in this sector in Tenerife for years.

Contact us, we can advise you whether you want a used car or a new one.

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Spare Parts

Many years in the car parts business have given us a lot of experience when it comes to check a quality product.

Currently in Tenerife we work with multi-brand spare parts



Our daily goal is to offer our clients a quality and comprehensive service.

Therefore, with Cándido insurance you can also find all kind. From vehicles, business, home, life, etc.

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Car Transfer

If you have sold or bought a car that is already registered, you have to transfer and change the ownership of your vehicle.

Contacta con nosotros o visita Auto Recambios Cándido

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Licence plates

Did you know that at Auto Repuestos Cándido we also make number plates for your car?

​Contact us or visit Auto Recambios Cándido.

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Sales of new and used vehicles

Fully checked

1-year warranty on our vehicles

Customised financing

We accept vehicles as form of payment.

Transfer included

Document management of the handover included.


Top brands on the market

Multi-brand spare parts

Multi-brand vehicle spare parts at stunning prices.


Specialists in the automotive sector, since 1965

Delivery service

We ship directly to your address

Some of our Brands